The Senate voted 47-0 on an amended House Bill 108, which would change the state’s insurance law by requiring the advisory council of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, to meet twice a year instead of once. It would also remove the six-month waiting period for children applying for CHIP.

The bill went back to the House for consideration.


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The Senate unanimously approved House Bill 25, which would address foreign unsworn declarations, in addition to clarifying and setting new standards for notaries public.

The bill provides for a standard form for foreign unsworn declarations, referring to a declaration made outside the United States, or within the United States in an area beyond the jurisdiction of federal law. An unsworn declaration is a written statement made to a legal authority where the person making the declaration has not taken any oath but can still be found guilty of perjury if the declaration is false.

The bill also addresses requirements for notaries public, such as their authority, the requirements by which they are bound, record keeping, forms and notices, and what they are prohibited from doing, in addition to creating new basic and continuing education requirements.

The bill is awaiting the governor’s signature.

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