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A New Deal for PA

PA Senate Democrats Introduce Spending Plan for $7 Billion in Federal American Rescue Plan Funds – The New Deal For PAs

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats unveiled the “New Deal for PA” – a $6.15 billion investment of federal funds coming to the Commonwealth pursuant to the American Rescue Plan.

The New Deal for PA focuses on Jobs, Opportunity, and Equity with the following breakdown: People – $2.470 billion,  Projects – $2.493 billion, and Public Health – $1.185 billion

Primary Election Day is May 18th

Your voice is needed now more than ever as we navigate a crisis we’ve never faced and work to make sure our communities aren’t left behind.

Applications for mail-in ballots are now being accepted. Please take the time to apply for a mail-in ballot to vote safely from your home. May 11th is your last day to do so.

Click below to learn about ballot questions, apply for mail-in ballot, check out important dates, find your polling place, check your registration status, and more.

Senate Democrats Plead for Justice for Sexual Abuse Survivors

Following the bipartisan passage of House Bill 951, the statutory creation of a two-year window for sexual abuse survivors to sue their abusers, the Pennsylvania Senate Democrats urged the majority to bring the bill up for a vote in the PA Senate this month.

“There are 20 votes in the Senate Democratic Caucus for HB 951 and we are ready to take that vote upon our return to session this month,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa. “If this bill is sent to the Senate floor, I believe there are the votes to pass it. Even a top member of Senate Republican leadership has told survivors that they would support the statutory window. We only need a vote on the Senate floor to provide the justice and relief these victims deserve.”

All Pennsylvania Adults are Now Eligible for the COVID Vaccine

Every adult in Pennsylvania is now eligible to receive the COVID 19 vaccination. You can find providers on the COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Map here.

To date, Pennsylvania providers have administered more than 6 million vaccines and the state is ranked among the top 20 states for first-dose vaccinations. More than 2.4 million Pennsylvanians are fully vaccinated.

Women Supporting Working Women

Pennsylvania’s minimum wage has been set at $7.25 per hour for more than a decade and this poverty wage hurts everyone. But the burden of this poverty wage falls primarily with women.

Raising the wage RESTORES VALUE to the work women do, particularly women of color who disproportionately make up minimum wage workers. Pennsylvania lags behind other states in increasing the minimum wage and as the Commonwealth continues to fall behind, women are left behind.

For information on the Coronavirus, please visit the Department of Health’s website

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