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Urban Affairs & Housing 2023-2024

The Urban Affairs and Housing Committee met today, Wednesday, March 8th at 9:30 in Room 8EA to consider the following bills:

  • SB149 (Brewster) – would amend the Real Estate Tax Sale Law to allow counties to levy fees upon the purchase of tax delinquent or real estate owned properties and dedicate said fees into a fund used to support the demolition or rehabilitation of blighted properties
    • The bill went over.
  • SB202 (Fontana) – amends the municipal claim and tax lien law in a way that would allow land banks in and around Allegheny County to exercise the same procedural benefits that the Philadelphia Land Bank currently enjoys during the vacant property acquisition process 
    • The bill went over.
  • SB295 (Brown) – creates a First-time Homebuyer’s Savings Account Program
    • The bill was reported out of committee with one negative vote (10-1).
  • SB466 (Brown) – extends environmental protections already granted to Redevelopment Authorities and other Economic Development Agencies to Landbanks 
    • The bill was reported out of committee unanimously.
  • SR45 (Langerholc) – encourages the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to take action to address “abuse of porting” as it pertains to the Housing Choice Voucher Program 
    • The bill was reported out of committee with a party-line vote (7-4).