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Law & Justice 2021-2022

The Senate Law & Justice Committee met on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 to consider the following bills and amendments:

HB 1024 (Schemel): Amends the Medical Marijuana Act to update provisions with respect to caregivers, COVID-19 waivers and background checks for caregivers and licensees.

  • Amendment A01695 (Regan) – Provides that a person with a nonviolent felony over 10 years old can work for a medical marijuana organization
  • Amendment A01720 (Regan) – An omnibus amendment including technical changes, permission to provide telehealth access, an increase from 8 to 10 in the number of clinical registrants, and allows clinical registrants to sell directly to all dispensaries.
    • The amendments and bills are adopted unanimously

HB 1154 (Masser): Legislation making mixed drinks-to-go permanent.

  • Amendment A01710 (Regan) – Allows for ready-to-drink beverages and continues some of the COVID-19 related opportunities for restaurants contained in HB 425.
    • The amendment and bill were adopted by 6 to 5 votes. The 4 Democrats and Senator Yudichak voted against the measures.


The Senate Law & Justice Committee met on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 to vote on the following bills:

SB 194 (J Ward) – Amends the Liquor Code to allow club licensees to sell beer to go during the disaster emergency declaration.

  • One amendment was offered and another withdrawn:
    • Senator J Ward offered A01049 to permanently allow clubs to sell beer to go.
      • The amendment was adopted unanimously
    • Senator Williams withdrew A01097 which provided Philadelphia police officers all of the powers that the Liquor Control Enforcement officers currently hold under the Liquor Code
  • The Pennsylvania Federation of Fraternal & Social Organizations supports the bill and the amendment
  • The Malt Beverages Distributors Association opposes the bill and the amendment

HB 1154 (Masser) – Amends the Liquor Code to permanently allow mixed drinks to-go to be sold by restaurant and hotel licensees, except for grocery and convenience stores.

  • The bill passed 7 to 2. Senators Williams and Tartaglione cast no votes.

The Senate Law & Justice Committee met on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 to consider the following bills:

HB 425 (Dowling) – Amends the Liquor Code to allow liquor licensees that is permanently closing to sell their remaining alcohol inventory directly to other liquor licensees.

  • Amendment A00820 was offered by Senator Brewster to add additional assistance for the restaurant industry
  • The amendment and bill were adopted unanimously

HB 427 (Pyle) – Amends the Liquor Code to increase the wholesale licensee discount to 15% during the emergency declaration and for three years following. After three years, the wholesale discount will return to 10%. The discount increase is not extended to grocery or convenience stores.

  • The bill was adopted unanimously

SB 503 (Regan) – Amends the Enforcement Officer Disability Benefits Law (aka, The Heart and Lung Act) add the following individuals to those covered by the benefits of the Act:

  • PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Rangers, Ranger Supervisors, Ranger Operations Specialists and Ranger Trainees
  • PA Department of Corrections, Bureau of Investigations and Intelligence Commissioned Police Officers
  • PA Office of Inspector General’s Investigative staff
  • Fort Indiantown Gap Police
  • Allegheny County Port Authority Police
  • Allegheny County Housing Authority Police
  • County Probation Officers in participating Counties
  • Campus police officers employed by a participating university
    • The bill was adopted unanimously

SB 566 (Regan) – Amends the Liquor Code to provide for changes to the auctioning of liquor licenses by lengthening the time to pay for a license won at auction and allowing for licenses that are not purchased at an initial auction to be auctioned statewide.

  • Amendment A00812 was offered by Senator Williams to provide the PLCB with authority to promulgate regulations to combat stop-and-goes.
  • The amendment from Senator Williams failed by a partisan vote of 7 to 4
  • The bill was adopted unanimously