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Health & Human Services 2021-2022

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee met today, March 23, 2021 to consider the following bills:

HB 203 (Representative Toohil) – Establishes the Living Donor Protection Act which prohibits discrimination by health or life insurers based upon an individual’s status as a living donor and extends FMLA provisions to living donors.  Reported out as committed unanimously.

SB 108 (Senator Bartolotta) – Amends Section 443.1 (Medical Assistance Payments for Institutional Care) of the Human Services Code by providing additional Medicaid funding for facilities serving ventilator or tracheostomy patients.  Reported out as committed unanimously.

SB 156 (Senator Mensch)Establishes a new category of Medical Assistance for Worker with Disabilities called Workers with Job Success by amending the Tobacco Settlement Act. Reported out as committed unanimously.

SB 317 (Senator Browne) – Establishes the Expediated Partner Therapy Act, authorizing health practitioners to prescribe or provide antibiotics to treat sexually transmitted infections without requiring a medical examination. Reported out as committed unanimously.


Aging & Youth and Health & Human Services Committee held a joint public hearing on implementation of the State Vaccination Plan on February 4, 2021