PA Senate Democrats



Protecting Democracy

The false narratives surrounding the 2020 elections, the January 6th Insurrection, removal of democratically elected officials, and Republican voter suppression efforts in Pennsylvania and nationally have to be met with strong opposition. The Republican Party is literally and imminently threatening our democracy.

Further, we have our own election reform platform that providers greater and easier access to the vote, but with equal security.

  • Secure voting rights for all by fighting bills that allow state officials or legislatures to overturn election results, repeal mail in voting, reduce access to drop boxes, allow for voter intimidation at the polls, and put onerous Voter ID laws in place
  • Make it easier to register to vote. Online registration was a huge step forward, and we can make it even more accessible by allowing same-day and opt-out registration
  • Improve mail in voting by ensuring access to voting drop boxes and improving the process for curing ballots with mismatching signatures or voter information
  • Provide funding to county election bureaus to assist them to run the most efficient and fair elections possible
  • Enact campaign finance reform. The Citizen’s United decision from the federal Supreme Court was an abomination that has allowed corporations to have more of a voice in our democracy than its people. Reforms to campaign finance in our state are necessary to make people matter more than campaign contributions in an election.