The Senate unanimously approved legislation that provides for the registration, licensing and use of the Pennsylvania Preferred Trademark.

Since 2004, the Pennsylvania Preferred program has been used to identify and promote Pennsylvania grown, harvested and processed agricultural commodities and products.

House Bill 1424 provides a statutory framework for the program, requiring the Department of Agriculture to acquire, register, license, protect and promote the Pennsylvania Preferred Trademark for use in the sale and promotion of Pennsylvania-produced agricultural commodities.

The bill also establishes the Pennsylvania Preferred Trademark Licensing Fund as an interest-bearing restricted account that would be the depository for funds appropriated, granted or collected. Funds in the account are used for the costs associated with administering the program. There are no fees associated with licensing.

The bill was signed into law as Act 78 of 2011.

* * *

The Senate unanimously passed House Bill 378, which requires that at least one member of the Civil Service Commission be a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, including a reserve component or National Guard, who was honorably discharged or released from that service.

The bill was signed into law as Act 76 of 2011.

* * *

The Senate unanimously approved Senate Bill 162, which would require a state agency, county, school district or municipality to notify the public of security breaches to their system within seven days of discovering the breach.

The bill would also require the state agency to notify the Attorney General’s Office within three days of discovering the breach.  A county, school district or municipality would have to notify a district attorney within three days.

The Attorney General’s office and the district attorney would be required to investigate.

The bill is now in the House.

# # #