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Pennsylvania Senator Jim Brewster was duly re-elected by the people of the 45th Senatorial District in the 2020 General Election. On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Pennsylvania Senate Republicans refused to seat Senator Brewster — ignoring the will of the voters, multiple court decisions, and election results certified by the Pennsylvania Department of State.

At the federal level, we have seen what happens when we embolden politicians to make baseless claims against our electoral process. We must not allow those sorts of attacks in our commonwealth. What Pennsylvania Senate Republicans are doing in an attempt to steal the election away from Senator Brewster is an absolute abuse of power that is dangerous for our democracy. Refusing to acknowledge the results of an election is nothing short of voter suppression.

Senator Brewster must be seated immediately! Add your name to the petition and pledge your support to call your legislators and demand Senate Republicans set aside partisanship:

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On January 12th, U.S. District Judge J. Nicholas Ranjan issued a ruling in favor of seating the rightful winner of the 45th senatorial district – Senator Jim Brewster, and upholding the counting of ballots as certified by the Department of State. 

Senator Jim Brewster will be sworn in on January 13th to the 45th Senatorial District.

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Sen. Brewster should have been seated

Sen. Brewster should have been seated

While the eyes of the nation narrowed on Georgia, Republican senators in Pennsylvania snatched the session from the state’s lieutenant governor and blocked the swearing-in Tuesday of a duly-elected Democratic senator in what amounts to an insurrection that threatens...