SB 442 PN 391 (Folmer): Establishes a new free-standing act entitled the Taxpayer-Funded Advertising Transparency Act. The bill was approved 47-0.

SB 644 PN 841 (Folmer):Amends Section 4104 (Duties of Office) of Title 71 (State Government) to require the Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) to complete a cost analysis of each proposed collective bargaining agreement under the Governor’s jurisdiction prior to the execution of the agreement. Requires the cost analysis to detail the fiscal impact for the current fiscal year and five (5) subsequent fiscal years and include the cost to cover public employee wages, benefits, pensions and working conditions that have been reduced in writing under an agreement. The bill was approved along party lines, 29-19.

SB 645 PN 842 (Stefano): Establishes a free-standing act entitled the Public Employer Collective Bargaining Transparency Act to require any proposed collective bargaining agreement between a public employer and an employee organization that has been reduced to writing to be posted on the public employer’s publically accessible Internet website within 48 hours of the proposed agreement. The bill was approved along party lines, 29-19.

SR 27 PN 510 (Kitchen):  A resolution authorizing a study of youth immunizations and vaccinations by the Joint State Government Commission. The resolution was approved unanimously.