HB 1327 PN 2969 (Peifer):  This bill amends the Fiscal Code to provide language for budget implementation for both Act 10A of 2015 and the Supplemental Appropriation (HB 1801) along with other significant policy issues that one or more parties tied to the budget.  The Senate concurred the House’s amendments and the bill was approved with a vote of (30-19).

HB 1801 PN 2968 (Irvin):  This legislation is the Republican crafted General Appropriation bill for the 2015-16 fiscal year. This budget spends $30 billion and is $238 million less than HB 1460, which was vetoed by Governor Wolf in December. Senator Hughes motioned to table the bill; however the motion was defeated 30-19. The bill was approved with a vote of (31-18).

SB 50 PN 1597 (Schwank): This bill establishes an agricultural pilot program for industrial hemp research within the Commonwealth. The bill was approved with a vote of (49-0).