SR 145 PN 1019 (Corman): A Resolution adopting a temporary rule of the Senate relating solely to amendments to the General Appropriation Bill and other appropriation bills for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015, including any amendments offered to or for supplemental appropriations for prior fiscal years. The resolution was adopted, 50-0.

HB 188 PN 1757 (Sonney): Amends the Agricultural Area Security Law, further providing for definitions and for the purchase of agricultural conservation easements. The bill was approved, 50-0.

SB 479 PN 437 (Gornder):  Designates the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Resource Management Center, located in Conyngham Township, Columbia County, as the Edward W. Helfrick Resource Management Center. The bill was approved, 50-0.

SB 513 PN 463 (McGarrigle): Amends the Solid Waste Management Act, in residual waste, further providing for transportation of residual waste; and abrogating a regulation. The bill was approved,50-0 .

SB 620 PN 617 (Vance): Authorizes the release of Project 70 restrictions on certain land owned by the Borough of Carlisle, Cumberland County, in return for the development of park and open- space lands within the Borough of Carlisle, Cumberland County. The bill was approved, 50-0.

HB 911 PN 1756 (Barrar): Amends Title 35 (Health and Safety) further providing for emergency telephone service; and establishing the 911 Fund. Senator Vulakovich offered Amendment A02053, which emphasizes that nothing in the section should be construed to authorize a county to impose a fee or surcharge to support 911 services.  Senator Mensch offered Amendment A02041, which makes technical changes. The amendments were adopted and the bill went over as amended.