SB 3 PN 283 (Brooks): This bill decreases the gestational age at which an abortion can be performed from 24 weeks to 20 weeks. This bill prohibits “dismemberment abortion,” or commonly known as a dilation and evacuation abortion procedure. Senator Schwank motioned the bill be re-referred to the Health and Human Services Committee. The motion failed, 18-32. The bill was approved 32-18

SB 166 PN 271 (Eichelberger): This bill creates the Protection of Employee Wages Act to prohibit public employers from deducting money to be used for political contributions from the wages of a public employee. Deduction of “fair share fees” which have been negotiated as part of a collective bargaining agreement is not prohibited under this legislation, nor is deduction of charitable contributions.  Senator Costa offered Amendment A00189, which would prohibit lobbyists from receiving compensation for grant, credit, loans and other awards from Pennsylvania funds. The amendment was defeated, 16-34. Senator Costa offered Amendment A00187, which would require the approval by a majority of corporate shareholders before a contribution of over $10,000 is made to a political campaign and would require that shareholders be notified of any contribution to a political campaign. The amendment was defeated, 16-34. The bill was approved 28-22.

SB 241 PN 297 (McGarrigle): This bill amends the Equal Pay Law to explicitly allow employers to pay employees with similar job functions differently based on the level or amount of education, training or experience they have.  It also prohibits discharge or discrimination if an employee makes a complaint under the Law. The bill was approved 36-14.