Senator Haywood offered an amendment to the Weekly Recess Resolution, which would call the Senate back into session after recessing on Wednesday, until a General Appropriation agreement was made. Senator Corman moved to have the amendment tabled. The amendment was tabled along party lines, 30-19. The Recess Resolution was adopted along party lines, 30-19.

SB 857 PN 970 (Argall): The legislation expands the definition of “contract carrier of motor vehicles” to include any person or corporation that provides transportation of household property between residential dwellings within the Commonwealth by motor vehicle for compensation. The bill was approved, 49-0.

Executive Nominations

The following nominees were confirmed by the Senate, 49-0:
Robert Capretto, Board of Trustees of The Pennsylvania State University
Elliott W.Weinstein, Board of Trustees of The Pennsylvania State University

Senator Corman made a motion to remove veto messages on Senate Bill 1000 & Senate Bill 1001 from the table and place on the active calendar. The motion was approved 31-18 and the bills were placed on the active calendar.