SB 169 PN 145 (Laughlin): This bill amends Title 65 (Public Officers) to require lobbyists and lobbying firms to file electronically with the Department of State, and for the Department of State to post all lobbying disclosure forms on its website within seven days of receipt of filing. Senator Costa offered Amendment A00443, which would add the term “affiliated entity” and provide for the receipt or award of grants, credit, loans, capital funding or contracts to affiliated entities. The amendment was adopted, 49-0.

SB 265 PN 247 (Regan): This bill designates the bridge carrying State Route 3012 over the Susquehanna River between City Island and the intersection with State Route 1010 and State Route 1027, commonly referred to as the Market Street Bridge, as the Senator Harold Mowery Market Street Bridge. The bill was approved 48-1.

SB 133 PN 155 (Argall): This bill would require the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to request an extension for compliance with the federal Real ID Act of 2005. Further, it would repeal the Pennsylvania Real ID Nonparticipation Act of 2012. Senator Ward offered Amendment A00500, which would make technical changes, add definitions, require PennDOT to create a report analyzing the fiscal impact of implementing and maintaining all remaining REAL ID Act requirements and provides for standard-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards. The amendment was adopted, 49-0.