HB 202 PN 161 (Turzai): This bill would reduce the number of required Keystone Exam tests and provide alternative proficiency requirements for career and technical education students. The bill was approved 49-0.

SB 434 PN 473 (Argall): This bill amends Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) to establish a new timeline and procedure for claiming title to real property by adverse possession.   The bill was approved 49-0.

SB 589 PN 887 (Langerholc): The bill amends Title 75 by increasing the maximum allowable gross weight for commercial vehicles powered by natural gas (NGVs) from 80,000 pounds to 82,000 pounds. The bill was approved 49-0.

SB 624 PN 697 (Scarnati): This bill exempts planned subsidence by bituminous coal mining operations from consideration as pollution to surface streams and waterways, provided the mine has an approved mitigation plan. Provides for retroactivity. The bill was approved 32-17.

SR 33 PN 749 (Yudichak): This resolution establishes a Senate task force on lead exposure and hazards, and requires the Joint State Government Commission to convene an advisory committee and evaluate lead testing and remediation policies and practices and report its findings to the Senate within 18 months. The resolution was adopted, 49-0.

SR 76 PN 827 (Vulakovich): This resolution directs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to conduct a study of the feasibility of providing two additional passenger rail trips between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg and its impact on existing freight rail service. The resolution was adopted.