SB 299 PN 1045 (Baker): Amends Title 35, providing for incentives for municipal volunteers of fire companies and nonprofit emergency medical services agencies. The bill was approved, 49-0.

SB 398 PN 312 (White): Amends Title 20, in express anatomical gifts, further providing for use of driver’s license or identification card to indicate organ or tissue donation. The bill was approved, 49-0.

SB 663 PN 1060 (Vulakovich): Amends Title 23, in proceedings prior to petition to adopt, further providing for grounds for involuntary termination and for hearing; in support matters generally, further providing for liability for support; and, in child custody, further providing for consideration of criminal conviction. Senator Schwank offered Amendment A02470, which added a nolo contendore plea or adjudicated delinquent to the bill. It also clarifies language regarding similar Federal law. The Amendment was adopted and the bill went over as amended.

SB 775 PN 834 (Eichelberger): Amends Title 11, consolidating The Third Class City Code; making revisions concerning records of ordinances maintained by the city clerk, bond, insurance and salary, qualifications for office of city treasurer, committee preparation of uniform financial report forms, observances, celebrations and recognition, selection of appointee from certified list of applicants and support of Pennsylvania National Guard units; making an editorial change; and making a related repeal. The bill was approved, 49-0.