SB 305 PN 751 (McGarrigle): Amends the Pharmacy Act, further providing for the authority to administer injectable medications, biologicals and immunizations. The bill was approved, 49-0.

SB 490 PN 853 (Baker): Amends Title 35 in Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, further providing for organization of agency. The bill was approved, 32-17.

SR 113 PN 885 (Kitchen): A Resolution urging the Commonwealth to adopt and utilize person-first language with respect to people with disabilities. The resolution was adopted.

Executive Nominations
The following nominees were confirmed, 49-0:
Robin Wiessmann, Secretary of Banking and Securities
Cynthia Dunn, Secretary of Conservation and Natural Resources
Theodore Dallas, Secretary of Human Services

The following nominee was confirmed, 31-18:
Pedro Cortes, Secretary of the Commonwealth