HB 93 PN 603 (Millard): This bill designates a portion of State Route 93 from the boundary line between Berwick Borough and Briar Creek Borough, Columbia County, to the boundary line between Orangeville Borough and Orange Township, Columbia County, as the “Stuart Tank Memorial Highway.” The bill was approved 49-0.

SB 303 PN 317 (Schwank): This bill authorizes the release of Project 70 restrictions on land currently owned by the Borough of Topton in Berks County.  In exchange, restrictions will be imposed on other lands in the Borough. The bill was approved 49-0.

SB 561 PN 886 (DiSanto): This bill requires the General Assembly to approve any “economically significant” regulation- via concurrent resolution- before it can take effect.  Sen. Costa offered Amendment A01892 which would have removed provisions for economic significant regulations and removed a section of the bill amending final-form regulations and final-omitted regulations procedures.  The amendment was defeated by a vote of 16-33. The bill was then approved 29-20.

SB 646 PN 734 (Killion): The legislation deletes section 701(d) of the Municipal Waste Planning Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (regarding recycling fee for municipal waste landfills and resource recovery facilities), which prohibits the recycling fee from being imposed after January 1, 2020. The bill was approved 49-0.

SB 53 PN 34 (Greenleaf):  This bill would amend the Higher Education Scholarship Law, to allow students to apply their state scholarships to institutions domiciled in Pennsylvania, regardless of the percentage of online coursework in which they enroll.  Senator Greenleaf offered Amendment A01652, which would authorize PHEAA to require participating schools to report data, to require PHEAA to submit a report detailing the impact of online education and establishes controls to limit the impact of purchasing power on online education scholarships.  The amendment was agreed to and the bill was agreed to as amended.

SB 430 PN 422 (Rafferty):  This bill amends the tax code to provide for a real estate transfer tax exemption for transfer of property from certain veterans organizations.  Senator Rafferty offered Amendment A01595, which would make technical changes to the bill.  The amendment was agreed to and the bill was agreed to as amended.

SB 431 PN 825 (Scavello):  The bill amends Titles 18 and 75 by increasing fines for littering, provides for information requirements to be printed on every vehicle registration card applications, provides for permit or driver’s license applications and provides for the use of registration cards.  Senator Scavello offered Amendment A01581, which would add provisions for littering in a Commonwealth body of water and adds fines for litter thrown from a vehicle.  The amendment was agreed to and the bill was agreed to as amended.

SB 553 PN 590 (Rafferty): This bill amends Title 75 (Vehicle Code) to make changes to the ignition interlock law to allow for a person to be subject to mandatory suspension of operating privileges related to Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition.  Senator Rafferty offered Amendment A01323, which would add provisions for licensure when determining an offender’s operating privilege, to provide penalties for operating a vehicle while driving privileges are suspended or for operating a vehicle without ignition interlock and to provide for repeated offenders.  The amendment was agreed to.  Senator Rafferty offered Amendment A01572, which would provide for penalties for refusing to submit to chemical testing upon arrest for a DUI and requires interlock systems to remain active until the Department of Transportation receives declaration that the defender has gone two months without trying to start a vehicle while above the legal limit. The amendment was agreed to and the bill was agreed to as amended.