SB 22, PN 1780 (Boscola) – Redistricting reform:  This bill proposes an amendment to the Constitution to create an 11-member Independent Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission tasked with redrawing legislative and congressional districts in the Commonwealth. Senator Folmer offered amendment A07538 which places specific requirements for individuals recommended for appointment to the commission, specifies how the districts are to be drawn and provides for a special master to preside over the process of approval of the maps, if the legislature fails to approve maps by December 31 of each year ending in one. The amendment was approved by a vote of 48-1. Senator Aument offered amendment A07472 which provides for the creation of seven judicial districts for the state appellate courts. The amendment was approved by a vote of 31-18.

The Democrats offered a series of amendments, each of which failed by a vote of 16-33. Senator Hughes offered amendment A07546 which would have disqualified members of the commission from serving in a political office for five years following their service. Senator Schwank offered amendment A07397 which would have required a majority vote from both political parties for members of the commission. Senator Costa offered amendments A07543 and A07291 which aimed at limiting candidates with previous political affiliations from serving on the commission. Senator Costa also offered amendment A07490 which would have required the membership of the commission to reflect the diversity of the state.

SB 299, PN 1849 (Alloway) – This bill amends the Pennsylvania Election Code to allow incumbents seeking reelection to the office of district justice to get on the ballot by filing a certificate instead of collecting signatures. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 655, PN 1850 (Yaw) – This legislation amends Section 35 of the act of April 14, 1972 (P.L.233, No.64), known as The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act, by creating opioid prescription guidelines. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 1087, PN 1544 (Baker) – This legislation creates the Interbranch Commission on the Child-Welfare System Act.  Senator Baker offered amendment A07489 which provides for investigation and review of the child-welfare system, specifies members of the interbranch commission to be appointed by the Governor and makes other technical changes. The amendment was approved by a voice vote.

SB 1156, PN 1851 (Mensch) – Designates a bridge on that portion of Pennsylvania Route 100 over the Schuylkill River in Pottstown Borough, Montgomery County, as the “Newstell Marable, Sr., Memorial Bridge.” A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

HB 1641, PN 2734 (Klunk) – This bill creates the Employment First Act to support the employment of people with disabilities across the Commonwealth. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

HB 2067, PN 3000 (Taylor) – Designates a section of Pennsylvania Route 73 in Philadelphia as the “Police Officer Isabel Nazario Memorial Highway.” Senator Rafferty offered amendment A07487 which assigned several other highway designations in honor of fallen police and military officers. The amendment was approved by a voice vote.