HB 158 PN 692 (Peifer): This bill allows the Secretary of Education to issue an emergency declaration on a school, charter school, county or statewide basis. Senator Smucker offered Amendment A05574, which would require school administrators to require prospective employees to submit a Pennsylvania criminal history check that is no more than five years old and to maintain a copy of an employee’s Federal criminal history check. This amendment aligns changes to the Public School Code with the changes to the Child Protective Services Act 15 of 2015. The amendment was adopted unanimously. The bill went over as amended.

SB 936 PN 1148 (Browne): This bill amends Title 23 (Domestic Relations) to cap the amount that an employer may charge in connection with the enforcement of a child support order. The bill was approved with a vote of (49-0).

SR 156 PN 1173 (Boscola): This resolution establishes a Task Force on Women’s Veterans’ Health Care to address the needs of the female veteran population in Pennsylvania. The resolution was unanimously adopted.