SB 95 PN 741 (Farnese): This bill amends Title 42 (Judiciary & Judicial Procedure) providing for immunity for constitutionally protected communications. The bill was approved 43-7. Senator Gordner moved to reconsider the vote by which Senate Bill passed 95, the motion was agreed to and the bill was approved with a final vote of 42-8.

SB 554 PN 740 (Greenleaf): Amends Titles 18 (Crimes & Offenses) and 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) to address the procedures that can be applied to victims of human trafficking who are encountered by law enforcement officers. The bill was approved 50-0.

SB 5 PN 470 (Langerholc): This bill permits lawsuits against municipalities that enact firearms ordinances that are more restrictive than state statute. Senator Boscola offered Amendment A01025, which would add in provisions for the Attorney General to notify municipalities of the bills proposed changes and to provide for the bills effective date. The amendment was adopted, 50-0. Senator Hughes offered Amendment A00528, which would allow municipalities who have ordinances regarding firearms and ammunition to grandfather in these measures into the bills proposed changes. The amendment was defeated, 16-34. Senator Hughes offered Amendment A00530, which would amend the definition of the term “person adversely affected” to provide for member organizations. The amendment was defeated, 17-33. Senator Hughes offered Amendment A00534, which would allow a municipality to introduce local ordinance to prohibit the carrying of firearms on municipal property. The amendment was defeated, 16-34. Senator Hughes offered Amendment A00537, which would amend the definition of a “person adversely affected” to be a resident of the municipality for at least one year before filing suit under this legislation. The amendment was defeated, 18-32. Senator Gordner moved to the immediate consideration of Senate Bill 5 notwithstanding the provisions of Senate rule 12, the motion was agreed to. The bill was approved 34-16.

Executive Nominations

The following nominees were approved, 50-0:

Miriam Merry Woods, State Board of Chiropractic

Camille Baughman, State Board of Massage Therapy

Jeffrey B. Becker, State Board of Optometry

Randy G. Litman, State Board of Osteopathic Medicine