SB 3 PN 1680 (Folmer): This bill creates a free standing act entitled the Medical Marijuana Act.  The act establishes a medical marijuana program under the direction of the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH).  Senator Folmer offered Amendment A06783, which makes technical changes to the bill and changes the amount of time medical marijuana organizations are required to retain records from 2 to 4 years.  The amendment was agreed to.  Senator Corman motioned to suspend the rules to vote on the passage of the bill as amended.  The motion was agreed to and the bill approved with a vote of 42-7.

SB 1153 PN 1681 (Vogel): This bill names several roads and bridges in Pennsylvania.  The bill was approved with a vote 49-0.

SB 1155 PN 1617 (Reschenthaler):  This bill amends Title 75 (Vehicles), in registration of vehicles, providing for special plates for active members of the armed forces of the United States.  The bill was approved with a vote 49-0.

HB 1319 PN 3001 (Marshall): This bill establishes a state Treasury administered 529 ABLE Plan account to encourage families to set aside funds for future costs related to the disability of a family member. The bill was approved with a vote 49-0.

SB 359 PN 1642 (Greenleaf): This bill would address truancy among school students by requiring truancy elimination plans for children of compulsory school age who fail to attend school.  Senator Greenleaf offered Amendment A06675, which amends definitions, clarifies attendance laws, makes several technical changes and changes the initial age of reporting school attendance to 6 years of age. The amendment was adopted and the bill was agreed to as amended.

HB 1589 PN 3086 (Causer): This bill amends the Fiscal Code to provide for budget implementation for the General Appropriations Act of 2015 (Act 10A of 2015) and the Supplemental Appropriation Act (Act 1A of 2016).  Senator Corman offered Amendment A06753, which provides for the repayment plan of school district debt refinancing bonds and for the implementation of the Fiscal Code.  The amendment was adopted with a vote of 39-10 and the bill was agreed to as amended.