SB 535 PN 492 (Vulakovich): This bill amends Title 75, the Vehicle Code, to allow for the use of radar by local police departments. Senator Vulakovich offered Amendment A08495, which would allow for the use of LIDAR (Laser Infrared Light Devices) by municipal police officers and require training prior to the devices use.  The amendment was agreed to and the bill went over as amended.

SB 1233 PN 1828 (Aument): The bill amends Title 75 (Vehicles) to add Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) to the definition of emergency service responders and emergency vehicles. The bill was approved 50-0.

SB 1265 PN 1840 (White): This bill amends the Wage Payment and Collection Law allowing employers the option to pay an employees’ wages in the form of a debit card. Senator Wiley offered Amendment A08930, which provides for the information employers must make available to employees before the use of payroll debit cards and provides for fees associated with the cards use.   The amendment was agreed to and the bill went over as amended.

HB 2003 PN 3536 (Cutler): This bill authorizes the Department of General Services to convey land located in Lancaster County to the Southern Lancaster County Historical Society.  It also allows DGS to convey land to Willow Creek LLC in Lower Oxford twp in Chester County. The bill was approved 50-0.

SB 1071 PN 1913 (Browne): This bill establishes a hybrid retirement benefit plan, containing defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) components, for future state and public school employees. The Senate non-concurred the House’s amendments 31-19.

HB 342 PN 1050 (Gabler): This bill amends the act of June 3, 1937 (P.L.1333, No.320) the Election Code providing for the number of signers required for the office of school director.  Senator Folmer offered Amendment A08809, which would amend the number of signatures required for candidates of minor political parties, decrease the amount of circulating time candidates have and amends ballot costs and fees for legal challenges. The amendment was agreed to. Senator Corman motioned to suspend Senate rule XII, in order to proceed to the immediate consideration of House Bill 342 as amended.  The motion was agreed to and the bill was approved 50-0.

Executive Nomination

The following nominee was approved, 50-0.

David P. Schuyler, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission