Senate Bill 162 PN 2186 (Tomlinson): The bill amends Title 62 (Procurement) establishing regulations for veteran owned small businesses. Senator Tomlinson offered Amendment A09152, which was technical in nature, the amendment was agreed to.

Senate Bill 384 PN 382 (Folmer): The bill amends Title 51 by establishing that an individual commits a summary offense if they violate a rule/regulation promulgated and designated by the Adjutant General as being for the protection of persons or property at Fort Indiantown Gap.  The bill was approved 47-1.

Senate Bill 890 PN 2207 (M. White): Under the legislation, Pennsylvania school entities must report on the interscholastic athletic opportunities available to their male and female secondary school students pursuant to Title IX, the federal law requiring gender equity in educational programs that receive federal funding. The bill was unanimously approved.

Senate Bill 906 PN 2121 (Folmer): Amends Title 3 (Agriculture) and Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) providing definitions of “agricultural bio-security area”, “agricultural bio-security area trespasser” and “posted notice”.  The crime of an “agricultural bio-security trespasser” constitutes a misdemeanor of the first degree. The bill was approved 32-16.

House Bill 1281 PN 4021 (Gibbons): This bill amends Title 61 (Prisons and Parole) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes providing for notice and a public hearing relating to community corrections facilities. The bill was unanimously approved.

House Bill 1376 PN 1677 (Pashinski): Amends the Continuing-Care Provider Registration and Disclosure Act to provide for examinations. The bill was unanimously approved.

House Bill 1515 PN 4283 (Ross): This bill amends the First Class Township Code (Act 331 of 1931) pertaining to municipal police and firefighter civil service provisions. The bill was unanimously approved.

House Bill 1671 PN 2112 (Grucela): Amends Act 407 of 1963 to provide for the appointment of a clerk of the orphan’s court to the County Records Committee. The bill was unanimously approved.

House Bill 1774 PN 4065 (Boyd): This bill amends Act 284 of 1921 known as the Insurance Company Law of 1921providing for marketing and administration of service contracts being distinct from the business of insurance. The bill was unanimously approved.

House Bill 1799 PN 2335 (White): This bill designates an Exit on Interstate 79 in Washington County. Senator Rafferty offered amendment A09220, which added other road designations, was agreed to.

House Bill 2172 PN 3706 (Caltagirone): This bill amends Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further providing for jurisdiction and venue of Philadelphia Municipal Court and of Magisterial District Judges. Senator Pileggi offered amendment A09104, which reduces one judge from the 15th Judicial District of the Court of Common Pleas, was agreed to.

House Bill 2246 PN 4078 (Tallman): This bill amends Title 75 as it pertains to drivers who seriously injure or kill an emergency responder worker.  Further it permits arguments as to the amount of damages when a motor vehicle accident occurs.  The bill also further provides for annual hauling permits. Senator Rafferty offered amendment A09266, which clarifies charter buses, farm vehicles, and removes damages in auto insurance cases, was agreed to.

House Bill 2291 PN 4311 (D.Evans): Provides for the Capital Budget Projects Itemization Act of 2010-11. Senator Corman offered amendment A09171, which adds more projects to the capital budget, was agreed to.

House Bill 1990 PN 2692 (Gabler): Amends the County Code to increase the annual meeting and dues expenses allowed for county directors of veterans’ affairs from a maximum of $100 to a maximum of $400.  Sen. Gordner offered amendment A09014, which adds district attorneys in Eighth Class Counties must give proper notification with their intention to not seek re-election, the amendment was agreed to.