SB 224, PN 1169:  The bill amends the Public School Code by expanding the list of convicted offenses that prohibit a person from being employed in a public or private school, intermediate unit or area vocational-technical school.  The bill also requires school employees to report convictions for criminal offenses immediately to school administrators.  Senator Kitchen offered amendment A01955 which reduces sentences for crimes.  The amendment was defeated by a vote of 17-32.  A vote of 47-2 was recorded on the bill.

SB 104, PN 87:  This legislation amends the fiscal code to provide for the use of state owned vehicles.  Senator Folmer offered amendment A2048 which includes all state agencies and clarifies by posting on its internet website.  A vote of 49-0 was recorded on the amendment and the bill went over as amended.

SB 552, PN 619:  The legislation amends the Workforce Development Act by providing that the Department of Labor and Industry work with State and regional workforce and economic development agencies to identify industry clusters that will be targeted for workforce and economic development investments.  A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 612, PN 1033:  The bill amends the Public School Code by allowing school entities to make the determination of which employees to furlough using a number of factors.  Senator Piccola offered amendment A1990 which would allow administrative staff to be furloughed.  A vote of 46-3 was recorded on the amendment. Senator Boscola requested that the five administrative staff positions that would be exempt under the Piccola amendment would be removed from the amendment.  A passing vote of 30-19 was recorded on the amendment.  Senator Blake also offered amendment A2037 which specifies conditions of when furloughs may occur.  The amendment was defeated by a vote of 23-26.  The bill went over as amended.

Executive Nominations

The Senate approved the following nomination by a vote of 49-0:

Hon. Karen Bishop, Prothonotary, Clerk of Courts & Clerk of Orphans’ Court – Wyoming County

Hon. Christie L. Krzysiak, Treasurer- Crawford County