SB 5, PN 989:  The legislation establishes the Community-Based Health Care (CHC) Program in the Department of Health to provide grants to community-based health care clinics.  The bill was unanimously approved.

SB 224, PN 193:  Eliminates the five year prohibition from working with a public school for a person convicted of certain criminal offenses enumerated in the law in order to allow older convictions to prohibit employment. Senator Piccola offered Amendment A01777, which was a technical amendment was adopted.

SB 109, PN 1106:  The legislation provides for public notification when Commonwealth agencies pay for advertising.  The bill was unanimously approved.

Executive Nominations

The Senate approved the following nomination by a vote of 50-0:

Major General Wesley E. Craig, Adjutant General of Pennsylvania

Brian M. Duke, Secretary of Aging

George D. Greig, Secretary of Agriculture

Glenn Moyer, Secretary of Banking

Hon. John Wetzel, Secretary of Corrections

Hon. Eli Avila, Secretary of Health

Hon. Daniel Meuser, Secretary of Revenue