Senate Bill 10 PN 173 (Scarnati): Amends the Article III of the Pennsylvania Constitution providing for the freedom to provide one’s own health care with the exception of providing indemnity and medical benefits to injured workers and prohibits the enactment of any law to the contrary. Sen. Kitchen offered Amendment A09472, which would have not allowed Medicare or Social Security to be affected by the bill. Sen. Scarnati motioned to table the amendment and the vote was 29-19 to table the amendment. Sen. Yudichak offered amendment A09443 which would have eliminated property taxes. Sen. Pileggi motioned to table and used the term “Obamacare” to describe the legislation. Sen. Williams asked for a motion to use the actual name of the Act. Sen. Costa made the motion to strike the term, “Obamacare” from the record. The President ruled that the term “Obamacare” was allowed to be used. Sen. Williams asked for an appeal of the ruling. The appeal was denied 18-30. Sen. Pileggi motion to table was approved 29-19. Sen. Stack offered Amendment A09518, which would eliminate the use of Auto and Fire Insurance for Pennsylvania residents. Sen. Scarnati made a motion to table and the motion was approved 29-19. Sen. Boscola offered Amendment A09486, which would also eliminate property taxes. Sen. Pileggi made a motion to table and the motion was approved 28-20. The bill was approved 29-19.

Senate Bill 790 PN 2052 (Earll): Amends Section 488 (Shipment of Wine) of the Liquor Code to allow a person licensed as a producer, supplier, importer, wholesaler, distributor or retailer by the Liquor Control Board or another state to obtain a direct shipper license to ship up to 18 liters per month to any Commonwealth resident who is at least 21 years of age for personal use. The bill was approved unanimously.

Senate Bill 1169 PN 2038 (Waugh): Amends the Pennsylvania Fair Dealership Law (Act 86 of 1987), which regulates agreements between dealers and suppliers of agriculture equipment. The bill was approved 37-11. 

House Bill 1203 PN 1598 (Lawrence): Amends the Vehicle Code to permit owners of antique or classic vehicles to display vintage Pennsylvania license plates from the year of the manufacture of the vehicle as their official plate. The bill was approved unanimously.

Senate Bill 1329 PN 2053 (Dinniman): Amends the Animal Destruction Method Authorization Law (Act 83 of 1983) to require no animal be destroyed by unacceptable agents as published in the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Guidelines on Euthanasia. The bill was approved unanimously.