HB 431, PN 2694 (Gingrich) – Amends Title 23 (Domestic Relations) in child protective services, further providing for education and training.

Senator Mensch offered amendment A06047 which: identifies professional licensees to receive child abuse training, those who have direct contact with children; requires a professional licensing board to provide mandated reporter information to licensees who are mandated reporters; establishes an exemption from training if certain criteria are met; changes the effective date from 60 days to December 31, 2014, and makes technical changes. The amendment was agreed to and the bill went over as amended.

HB 770, PN 3129 (Adolph) – Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) in registration of vehicles, further providing for lost, stolen, damaged or illegible registration plate and for special registration plates generally; providing for personal organization registration plates and for Appalachian Trail organization registration plates; in financial responsibility, further providing for required financial responsibility; in rules of the road in general, further providing for maximum speed limits; and, in size, weight and load, further providing for conditions of permits and security for damages.

Senator Rafferty offered amendment A06019 which is technical in nature. The amendment was agreed to and the bill went over as amended.

SB 874, PN 969 (Vance) – Amends the Public School Code of 1949, in community colleges, further providing for financial program and reimbursement of payments. A vote of 46-0 was recorded.

SB 1159, PN 1536 (White) – Designates a bridge on that portion of SR 0056 over the Norfolk Southern Railroad and Tenth Street, Seward Borough, Westmoreland County, as the Clement J. Rolling Memorial Bridge. A vote of 46-0 was recorded.

SB 1205, PN 1727 (Folmer) – Amends Title 24 (Education) providing for change of designation to university.

Senator Folmer offered amendment A05884 which enables seminaries to offer an additional degree outside of the certificate of authority issued by the PA Department of Education (PDE); establish an additional major or program, if the PDE approves and the seminary continuously operated in PA for the past 10 years, and is accredited by a US Dept. of Education recognized regional accrediting agency. The amendment was agreed to and the bill went over as amended.

Senator Pileggi offered amendment A06048 which permits accredited private nonprofit trade schools that can award associate degrees in specialized technology to use the designation of “college”.

SR 303, PN 1788 (Mensch) – A Resolution designating the month of April 2014 as “Child Abuse Prevention Month” in Pennsylvania. The resolution was adopted by the Senate.

Executive Nominations:

The following nominees were confirmed by a vote of 46-0:

  • Timothy S. Wachter, Council of Trustees of Edinboro University (new appointment)
  • Jay D. Badams, State Board of Education (new appointment)
  • Colleen A. Sheehan, State Board of Education (reappointment)
  • John M. O’Donnell, State Board of Nursing (new appointment)
  • Jason Owen, State Board of Nursing (new appointment)
  • John W. Budda, Board of Trustees of White Haven Center (reappointment)
  • Gayle Lukas, Board of Trustees of White Haven Center (new appointment)