SB 314 PN 1295 (Tomlinson): Amends Title 75, Vehicle Code, pertaining to electronic wireless communications devices. The bill was approved 41-8.

SB 366 PN 351 (D. White): Amends the Board of Vehicles Act, further providing for definitions, for licensure and for State Board of Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers and Salespersons. The bill was unanimously approved.

SB 732 PN 1185 (Vance): Creates the Department of Health Abortion Facility Oversight Act which will grant the Department of Health the ability to regulate certain facilities performing abortions. Senator Mensch offered Amendment A02643, which adds some findings and increases fines for operating without license. It also would insert a section on setting of fees and disposition of fees. The amendment was approved 41-9. Senator Vance offered Amendment A0293 which increases to 14 weeks from 9 to Sen. Mensch’s amendment.  The amendment to the amendment was defeated 20-29. Senator Ferlo offered Amendment A02129 which, which would require the department to conduct inspections so that patient care is not delayed or disrupted and would not jeopardize patient safety and privacy. The amendment was agreed to. The bill went over as amended.

SB 815 PN 833 (Baker): Adds in §6311 of Title 42 that a child who is alleged to be delinquent may appear with counsel at the intake conference conducted by a juvenile probation office following the submission of a written allegation. The bill was unanimously approved.

SB 816 PN 834 (Baker): Adds the duty of advocacy to the establishment of the Office of Victim Advocate. As a part of the powers and duties of victim advocate, the bill adds government officials to the list of who the Office can advocate to. The bill was unanimously approved.

SB 817 PN 1042 (Baker): Creates §6336.2 Use of restraints on juveniles during court proceedings. Restraints such as handcuffs, chains, shackles, irons or straitjackets are to be removed prior to a court proceeding. The bill was unanimously approved.

SB 818 PN 836 (Baker): Adds subsection (c) requiring statement of reasons. This would require the court to state the reasons for its disposition on the record in open court along with the goals, terms and conditions of that disposition. The bill was unanimously approved.