SB 161, PN 2297 (Brubaker) – This legislation amends the PA Constitution giving the General Assembly exclusive power in writing laws providing for the qualifications of institutions of purely public charity.  A vote of 46-1 was recorded.

HB 608, PN 592 (Brooks) – This bill amends the Surface Mining Conservation and Reclamation Act (Act 418 of 1945) to provide for the use of bioenergy crops in reclamation projects.  A vote of 47-0 was recorded.

SB 1309, PN 2298 (Argall) – Senate Bill 1309 amends Title 53, the Consolidated County Assessment Law, prohibiting a taxing district from appealing the assessment of real property based upon a recent sale and to clarify the cases in which a taxing district may appeal the assessment of real property.  A vote of 34-13 was recorded.

SB 1480, PN 2074 (Corman) – Senate Bill 1480 provides for the Capital Budget Act of 2012-2013.  A vote of 45-2 was recorded.

SB 1535, PN 2299 (Greenleaf) – This bill amends section 6152 of the Judicial Code, Title 42 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, providing for the rates charged for copying medical records when a subpoena is served upon a health care provider or a health care facility.  A vote of 47-0 was recorded.