HB 458, PN 1377:  This bill designates a bridge in Huntingdon County as the Queen Aliquippa Bridge.  A vote of 50-0 was recorded.

HB 1801, PN 2404:  This bill designates a bridge in Allegheny County as the Milton L. Lebowitz Memorial Bridge.  A vote of 50-0 was recorded.

Executive Nominations

The Senate approved the following nominations by a vote of 50-0:

  • Roberta McGettigan, State Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers
  • D. Thomas Smith, State Board of Real Estate Appraisers
  • James R. Agras, State Board of Education
  • A. Lee Williams, State Board of Education
  • Hon. Roy Reinard, III, Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance
  • Janet S. Klein, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
  • Gilbert L. Snyder, Industrial Board
  • Albert H. Spinner, Jr., Industrial Board
  • Richard D. DiBacco, D.P.M., FACFAS, FACAO, State Board of Podiatry
  • Jeffrey S. Gerland, D.P.M., State Board of Podiatry
  • Salvatore Cullari, Ph.D., State Board of Podiatry
  • Christ J. Zervanos, Public Employee Retirement Commission
  • Nancy Hanselman, R.N., Board of Trustees of Selinsgrove Center