SB 539, PN 545 (Rafferty) – This bill would amend Title 75 as it pertains to driving under the influence.  A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 775, PN 1602 (Pileggi) – This bill amends Title 44 (Law and Justice) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes to expand the list of eligible criminal offenses for which DNA testing is required; expand DNA testing to certain arrested individuals; require the immediate purging of the DNA records of exonerated individuals; ensure the privacy and proper use of DNA records; authorize the use of modified DNA searches to assist investigators in identifying unknown crime scene DNA profiles; and codify accreditation requirements for forensic DNA testing laboratories.  Senator Pileggi introduced amendment A06699, which provides requirements for expungement of DNA records and for reporting of the dispositions that require mandatory expungement.  The amendment was agreed to.  Senator Costa introduced amendment A06733, which makes changes to the protocol for criminal charges and arrests, providing for the extraction of DNA at the arraignment state, as well as provides requirements for expungement of DNA records and for reporting of the dispositions that require mandatory expungement.  A vote of 17-32 was recorded and the amendment failed.  The bill went over as amended.

SB 1174, PN 1631 (Yaw) – This legislation amends the Housing Authorities Law of 1937 by providing for changes to the makeup and terms of Housing Authorities in cities of the first class, as well as the appointment of its members.  A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

HB 1630, PN 2751 (Tobash) – This bill amends the Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act, further providing for revocation or suspension of licenses.  Senator Tomlinson introduced amendment A06617, which makes small changes to the reporting requirements language found in the bill.  The amendment was agreed to and the bill went over as amended.

Executive Nominations

The Senate approved the following Executive Nominations by a vote of 49-0:

Robert M. Allen, Coroner, Monroe County

Christine DeOliveria Carl, AIA, LEED AP; Architects Licensure Board

Darryl R. Hamm, Architects Licensure Board

Michael A. P. G. Magnotto, State Charter School Appeal Board

Ross W. Orner, Jr., State Conservation Commission

Angelina M. Morgan, State Board of Cosmetology

Harris Gubernick, Board of Pardons

Jeffrey J. Johnson, State Real Estate Commission

Laura L. Hinds, MSW, LSW; State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapsts

Freya S. Burnett, State Board of Veterinary Medicine

Mary E. Kushner, Board of Trustees of Warren State Hospital