SB 177 PN 134 (Greenleaf): Creates a freestanding act, the Lyme and Related Tick-Borne Disease Surveillance, Education, Prevention and Treatment Act. This bill was approved 50-0.

SB 608 PN 923 (Corman): Capital Budget Project Itemization Act of FY 2012-2013. Senator Pileggi on behalf of Senator Corman introduced Amendments A01429 and A01261, which adds Capital Projects to the bill. Senator Hughes offered Amendment A01256. The amendments were approved and the bill was over as amended.

SR 71 PN 838 (Folmer): A Resolution memorializing the President and the Congress of the United States to fully fund all special education mandates imposed by Federal laws or regulations upon State, county, municipal or local providers of educational services to students in this Commonwealth. The resolution was adopted 50-0.

Executive Nominations:

The following nominees were confirmed by the Senate 50-0:

Veronica M. Comfort, RN, MSN, Pennsylvania Council on Aging
Milissa S. Bauer, Council of Trustees of Clarion University
Joy “JD” Dunbar, Council of Trustees of Clarion University
Honorable R. Lee James, Council of Trustees of Clarion University
Kathy L. Pape, Council of Trustees of Edinboro University
Glenn Cannon, Council of Trustees of Indiana University
James T. McDermott, Jr., Navigation Commission for the Delaware River and Its Navigable Tri
Davis Haire, O.D., State Board of Optometry
Frank M. Tursi, D.O., State Board of Osteopathic Medicine
Kishor S. Mehta, State Board of Pharmacy
Jeffrey R. Elliott, Esquire, State Board of Physical Therapy
Kevin (Otis) Fitzgerald, ATC, MSPT, State Board of Physical Therapy
Vincent A. Galko, State Real Estate Commission