• Invest in small businesses that attract visitors to PA

  • Establish the PA Museum Preservation Fund to provide a consistent source of funding to assist Pennsylvania museums

  • Invest in arts, culture, and film to support economic prosperity

  • Exempt veterans and others to fish for free as part of their mental and physical recovery, by participating in therapeutic recreation events and programs

  • PA SITES funding to bring more commercial and industrial sites online and ensure companies have options for attractive business environments where they can move quickly and thrive 

  • Collaborate with the office of Tourism and DCED to showcase our vibrant and diverse state and the businesses and natural attractions that call PA home

 In 2022, 6.1% of all jobs in the Commonwealth were supported by traveler activity. The increase in visitor activity created over $420 million more in state and local governmental revenues. 

Travelers and tourists spent $45.4 billion in Pennsylvania in 2022.

The $45.4 billion in visitor spending in 2022 generated a total economic impact of $76.7 billion when indirect and induced impacts are included. This $76.7 billion supported over 486,000 jobs and generated $4.7 billion in state and local tax revenues for our Commonwealth.

Pennsylvania hosted 191 million domestic (U.S.) travelers in 2022. 

 In 2022, traveler spending directly supported over 307,000 jobs. 

Tourist and visitor spending creates business activity across the entire economic spectrum. Industries like food & beverage, real estate, retail trade, recreation/entertainment, and construction all see business sales directly related to tourism levels. 

The tourism and travel industry directly contributes $20.2 billion to Pennsylvania’s gross domestic product (GDP). 

In 2022, travel and tourism generated $13.6 billion in direct labor income. When direct and indirect impacts are included, travel and tourism generated $23.8 billion in labor income.