HARRISBURG April 20, 2022 – Philadelphia today was awarded $125 million for a water infrastructure project through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, or Pennvest, according to state Sen. Christine Tartaglione and state Rep. Mike Driscoll.

The loan was awarded to help with the construction of two new 5 million gallon, below-grade clearwell basins with green roof tops, which will support the Torresdale and Lardner’s Point pump stations and improve the city’s overall water capacity and reliability.

“When we discuss investments in infrastructure, we aren’t just talking about roads and bridges,” Tartaglione said. “We are also talking about the funding of drinking water, wastewater and storm water projects across the Commonwealth. Pennvest’s investment today in Philadelphia will increase access to clean and reliable drinking water and is a crucially needed investment that will benefit millions around the Southeastern Pennsylvania region.”

“Water is our most precious commodity,” Driscoll said. “Without a reliable source, especially in times like now as we are trying to recover from a global pandemic, our city cannot move forward on a path to recovery and progress. Thankfully, the state provides assistance to these large-scale projects that, while very costly, are very necessary.”

The funding for these projects originates from a combination of state funds approved by voters, Growing Greener, Marcellus Legacy funds, federal grants to Pennvest from the Environmental Protection Agency, and recycled loan repayments from previous Pennvest funding awards. Funds for these projects are disbursed after expenses for work are paid and receipts are submitted to Pennvest for review.