Philadelphia, PA – November 17, 2020 – State Senator Christine Tartaglione today announced that The Philadelphia Charter School for Arts & Sciences at H.R. Edmunds in Frankford has been awarded a $24,686 Safe Schools Targeted Grant by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Philadelphia Charter for Arts & Sciences was awarded the funding to purchase safety- and security-related equipment for the school’s 1197 Haworth St. campus. This year, the Department will award $2 million in equipment grants to 93 public local education agencies (LEAs) across the Commonwealth. That funding is included in more than $6 million that will be awarded to LEAs through all Safe Schools Targeted Grant types. 

“Educating our children is a fundamental function of our communities, and providing them with a safe place to learn is crucial to this responsibility,” Senator Tartaglione said. “I am thrilled that Philadelphia Charter for Arts & Sciences will be able to use these funds to improve school safety for all children, faculty, staff, and visitors.”

Philadelphia Charter for Arts & Sciences serves about 1,000 students in kindergarten through 8th grade and offers courses in visual arts, performing arts, creative writing, environmental science, and innovations in science in addition to curricula in reading, math, foreign languages, STEM, and physical education.

In addition to equipment grants of up to $25,000, the Department offers program grants of up to $20,000, school police officer grants of up to $40,000, and school resource grants of up to $60,000. The grants aim to reduce unnecessary student disciplinary actions and promote an environment of greater productivity, safety and learning. They also aim to enhance anti-violence efforts between schools and parents, local governments, law enforcement and community organizations.

“Although the learning environment has shifted for students, educators, and families, the importance of maintaining safe school communities has not changed,” Acting Education Secretary Noe Ortega said. “The Safe Schools Targeted Grant program provides schools with resources to create, support, and enhance programs that address the current needs of school communities, such as creating trauma-informed practices and developing equity and inclusion methods.”

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