Senator Jay Costa

Harrisburg, PA − November 20, 2020 − Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa, Jr. released the following statement on the PA Budget:

“This is not the budget we wanted. It’s not a budget that provides enough assistance to those struggling with the economic woes caused by COVID-19. But it is a budget that reflects the crisis that we are in. With limited options for revenue and programs that desperately needed funding, this was the version that had the support needed to pass both chambers, keep state government programs in operation and prevent massive furloughs and layoffs of state workers.

If the Senate Democrats and I had our way, we would have used the $1.3 billion in CARES dollars that we had left to fund direct assistance programs for our small businesses, schools, hospitals, homeowners and renters. Using that money to balance the budget is a missed opportunity that leaves many in need. We also left millions of dollars in transportation projects unfinished in a time where our infrastructure needs work. 

It is our hope that Pennsylvanians remain safe and healthy through the holiday season and when the General Assembly reconvenes in January that we are able to get to work in earnest on assistance programs to help us move forward from this difficult year.”