Media, PA – December 1, 2022 – Family Support Line, which houses Delaware County’s only Children’s Advocacy Center, was awarded a $100,000 grant through Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services to build an onsite medical suite, with the help and support of State Senator Tim Kearney (D- Delaware/Chester).  Family Support Line’s core mission is to advance the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse, by providing a 360-degree approach to preventing and treating child abuse by offering prevention education, specialized therapy, forensic interviews, case management, and coordinating the efforts of approximately 60 County agencies/organizations to support children who have been sexually abused or witness to a violent crime.

“Family Support Line provides critical services and resources to some of our most vulnerable constituents—our children,” said Senator Kearney. “It’s imperative that we work as a collective to support nonprofits and other community organizations that seek to protect and support those who need it the most. I’m proud that my office was able to help Family Support Line secure funding for the medical suite. We believe in their mission and will continue supporting their efforts to protect children.”

In 2021, Family Support Line served 778 victims, which was a 49% increase from the year prior.  After the children share their experience with a forensic investigator, they should be seen by a medical provider for a forensic exam.  In Delaware County, only 40% of families follow up for a forensic exam.  Many families share that traveling outside of the community for medical services is a significant barrier that prevents them from seeking further medical care. 

Family Support Line intends to remove the travel barrier by offering on-site forensic medical exams for victims. As an accredited CAC by the National Children’s Alliance, Family Support Line strives to reach the gold standard of delivering client centered holistic care to sexual abuse victims through co-located services for clients. This includes forensic interviews, case management services, mental health treatment, and medical care. Services housed within the same space improves outcomes for the client and their family.  Family Support Line is grateful for strong partnerships with our state legislators, like Tim Kearney, to help provide the resources needed to continue helping children and families get the support they need to be safe, heal, break the cycle of abuse, and thrive.