PITTSBURGH, PA –  Today, State Senator Jay Costa today expressed his support for Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey’s call for an assessment of tax-exempt organizations compliance with PA’s Purely Public Charity Law.  Currently, about a third of Pittsburgh real estate is exempt from property taxes.

“I am pleased to lend my support to Mayor Gainey as his administration begins this assessment of Pittsburgh’s tax-exempt organizations,” said Senator Costa. ”The City of Pittsburgh relies on property taxes to deliver crucial public services to everyone who calls the Steel City home, from road maintenance to trash pickups to social services and beyond. This especially applies to our public schools, who rely heavily on property taxes to deliver excellent educations and beautiful childhoods to every young person in our city.  

“It’s crucial that every public charity demonstrate that it’s holding up its end of the bargain and meeting its charitable obligations to our friends and neighbors. I look forward to reviewing the results of this assessment and will be in close contact with the Mayor’s team as we move forward.”