At the request of state Senator Arthur Haywood (D-Phila.) the Senate Democratic Policy Committee will hold a public hearing next Thursday in Philadelphia on ways to prevent gun violence.

The hearing is set for Thursday, February 14 at 10 a.m. in the Dunleavy Room at the LaSalle University Union Building, 1900 W Olney Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19141.

The panel is expected to discuss legislative solutions to determine the best way to mitigate the gun violence epidemic. The policy committee is chaired by Sen. Lisa Boscola (D-Lehigh/Northampton).

According to the Center for American Progress, Pennsylvania’s rate of gun homicides is among the highest in the nation, especially in minority communities. It is estimated that someone is murdered with a firearm in Pennsylvania every 17 hours. Every year, more Pennsylvanians are killed by gun violence than in car accidents.

“This policy hearing is to share proven solutions to reduce gun violence,” Haywood said. “I thank the advocates and Senator Boscola for making this happen. The time to act in Pennsylvania is now.”

Boscola added, “Everyone understands that gun violence is a problem that is worsening in our state. Hopefully, we can gather innovative ideas that will help us craft effective legislative solutions that would help prevent gun deaths without infringing on people’s constitutional rights.”

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