October 26, 2022 – Today, Senator Jay Costa, Senator Wayne Fontana, and Senator Lindsey Williams announce a $46,054,410 PENNVEST Loan for the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) to replace old and failing inlets and catch basins.

“All of us deserve clean, potable water and a system that prevents the pollution of our rivers and streams,” said Senator Costa. “This funding from PENNVEST will allow the PWSA to improve the infrastructure of our storm water systems to ensure that we are keeping debris and refuse out of our waterways. I am proud of this work and look forward to seeing this project come to fruition.” 

“Replacing these catch basins and inlets is a major investment in the health of our people, our environment, and our infrastructure,” said Senator Lindsey Williams. “This work will ensure that residents have clean drinking water, keep litter and other debris out of our waterways, and improve the safety of our roads and stormwater infrastructure. By prioritizing these investments from the state level, we’re able to make sure that PWSA is able to make these critical repairs without passing on costs to people who are already facing high utility bills.”

“I’m proud to see PENNVEST continue to make substantial investments in the PWSA to support clean and reliable water systems in Allegheny County,” said Senator Fontana. “Some of our water infrastructure is about 100 years old. These projects address that aging infrastructure to ensure residents always have access to clean drinking water and that our communities are using systems that are efficient and do not waste water.”

Across Pittsburgh, approximately 3,600 inlets and catch basins have collected storm water for nearly 100 years. This system serves nearly one hundred thousand customers whose median household income falls below the statewide median household income. PWSA will replace all inlets and catch basins over the next three years with support from this PENNVEST Funding.