PHILADELPHIA, PA  April 21, 2022 – Senator Tartaglione today announced $3 million in grant money directed to the 2nd Senatorial District for the development of multi-modal transportation along North 5th St. in the Huntington Park Neighborhood in Philadelphia.

The $3 million grant was awarded through the Multimodal Transportation Fund to help develop North 5th St.’s vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian transportation infrastructure and create a safer pedestrian corridor.

“The Governor’s investment will expand safe transportation options for pedestrians, drivers, and bicyclists that use these streets every day,” said Sen. Tartaglione “As our city continues to grow, the competition for space between bicyclists and pedestrians, and cars can is only going to grow. The Multimodal Transportation Fund is helping protect the people using our streets that aren’t doing so in vehicles”

Nueva Esperanza, Inc., who was awarded the $3 million grant, plans to use the funds to transform street, bicycle, and pedestrian transportation infrastructure on North 5th Street in Philadelphia’s Hunting Park neighborhood, to advance ongoing economic development by creating a safer, pedestrian-friendly corridor.

This grant is a part of the Multimodal Transportation Fund, which was created in Act 89 of 2013.

PennDOT evaluated the applications and made selections based on such criteria as safety benefits, regional economic conditions, the technical and financial feasibility, job creation, energy efficiency, and operational sustainability.

Additionally, PennDOT anticipates accepting Multimodal Transportation Fund applications in fall 2022 for Fiscal Year 2023-24 funding. For more information about the program, visit and click on Multimodal Program under the “Projects & Programs” button.