Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaJanuary 11, 2023 – Today, Senator Christine M. Tartaglione, Democratic Whip, announced the Pennsylvania School Safety and Security Committee of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency awarded $29,170,225 in grants to 31 separate programs tasked with preventing and intervening in violence across the 2nd District and the City of Philadelphia.

The grants are funded via two separate grants:

  1. The Coordinated Community Violence Intervention (CCVI) – The purpose of this program is to increase local coordination and collaboration to more effectively prevent, intervene and respond to gun and group violence.
  2. Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP). The purpose of this program is to provide grants and technical assistance to address community violence throughout the Commonwealth.

“Philadelphia, just like cities across this commonwealth and nation are facing an unprecedented epidemic of violence,” said Senator Tartaglione. “The resources being announced today will allow programs from across our city and commonwealth to continue addressing the root causes of violence and in turn prevent the crime that plagues our streets.”  

Programs receiving the grants announced today that will provide services in the 2nd District and city-wide include:

Philadelphia City TreasurerPhiladelphia Cure Violence Coalition – $1,892,369 to develop a coalition of Cure Violence-based programs. The Cure Violence Model is an evidence-based prevention program that takes a public health approach to reduce community violence. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has spent the last year laying the groundwork for a coalition with members from all programs in Philadelphia using the Cure Violence model of violence prevention. These programs/partners include Cure Violence Philadelphia, Philadelphia CeaseFire, Community Crisis Intervention Program (a city program under the Office of Criminal Justice and Public Safety), and Penn Community Violence Prevention Program.

AMANDLA, Inc. – $147,595 to support violence prevention activities through expanding its Safe-Hub EduSoccer Program. The EduSoccer program reaches 500 young people from Philadelphia’s Kensington and Harrowgate neighborhoods, providing a safe space for young people while supporting anti-violence and anti-crime behaviors through targeting an array of socio-emotional program outcomes.

Artwell Collaborative, Inc. – $275,000 to implement its transformative and therapeutic multidisciplinary arts programming in schools, community centers, faith-based organizations, and behavioral health organizations. These funds will be used for: therapeutic arts programming in 10 Philadelphia schools (We the Poets and The Art of Growing Leaders); therapeutic arts programming in partnership with three community partners; trauma-informed response training for our team of Teaching Artists; inclusivity training for ArtWell’s leadership team; expanding the knowledge base and expertise of the organization’s leadership team by adding a part-time clinician.

Beyond Literacy – $1,311,266 to support the continuation and expansion of its Keystone Energy Employment Pipeline (KEEP) program, a community-focused strategy that transitions Philadelphia’s young, emerging adults ages 18 to 25 at risk of incarceration and gun violence into long-term financial stability through high-impact education, GED attainment, and pre-apprenticeship training for in-demand green energy sector jobs.

Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia, Inc. – $1,970,477 to expand teen programming at six Club locations by hiring dedicated teen staff, keeping Clubs open until 10 pm on Fridays, and opening the Clubs from 5 pm to 10 pm on Saturdays. All teens participating in programming will be engaged in formal or informal mentoring and evidence-based violence prevention activities.

Build Our Lives Together Inc. – $50,000 to create an intensive 8-month program for grassroots leaders – people who are the most proximate to the problems to learn critical skills, expand their network, and get access to funding so they can accelerate their impact, for a radical reduction in gun violence.

Center for Families and Relationships – $999,000 to expand it’s existing Together Through Trauma Program into Philadelphia recreation centers in the most vulnerable districts impacted by gun violence.

Central Division Victim Services – $371,663 to continue providing services to crime victims in the 6th, 9th, and 22nd Philadelphia Police Districts along with gun violence prevention in the 22nd and 25th Philadelphia Police Districts.

Coalition of African Communities (AFRICOM) – $125,000 to provide an immigrant community engagement gun violence prevention initiative that will bring together faith-based leaders, individuals, families, groups, and business owners to build knowledge, establish strong networks, identify, and prevent risks and connect the community to support services.

Education-Plus, Inc. – $299,125 to provide universal mental health screening at five schools to provide evidence-based programs in concert with school-based health clinic staff in order to reduce/prevent violence in schools and communities.

Federation of Neighborhood Centers, Inc. – $1,250,000 to support nine diverse, unique, and collaborative projects addressing violence and related issues in Philadelphia. From street and community outreach, food distribution, non-traditional youth programming, career assistance to the previously incarcerated, and connecting community members with available resources, this funding will provide needed support for these groups to expand their work. Funding will support nine projects/organizations (Homies Helping Homies; The Apologues; City of Dreams Coalition; Double Trellis Food Initiative; Elevation Voice; Kensington Voice; Oronde McClain Foundation; Ones Up; Philadelphia Boom).

Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey – $699,335 to expand the Bold Futures program, an intensive violence prevention mentoring program for high-risk girls who reside in Philadelphia with both individual and community risk factors between the ages of 9 to 14.

HIAS & Council Migration Services Inc. DBA HIAS PA – $2,124,484 to provide immigration legal services, some case management, and specialized victim services to low-income immigrant youth and their families who are eligible for legal status but have not yet obtained status and are therefore vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Funds will support two attorneys, a Department of Justice Accredited Representative, a paralegal, and legal supervision to provide immigration legal services to at-risk youth referred to HIAS Pennsylvania by Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services, the Philadelphia School District, and through self-referral.

Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association – $445,113 to support the establishment of a Success Center in the Samuel S. Fels High School of Philadelphia, PA. The Success Center will provide social-emotional learning (SEL) education to the students; non-academic, referral (case-management) support to students and their parents/ caregivers; an Oasis where students can safely retreat from and process stress or trauma they may be experiencing at school or at home; parent/ caregiver workshops; and field trips to enrich the lives of students and to give them new experiences and a new perspective on life. 

Philadelphia City TreasurerThe Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office “Data CoLab”- $1,772,966 to implement the “Data CoLab”, a data-informed community-based participatory initiative hosted by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Transparency Analytics Lab (DATA Lab). This initiative fosters partnerships among the DAO and community-based organizations (CBOs) by hosting a series of participatory research workshops in the communities experiencing high levels of gun violence to provide data tools and engage in participatory research and interventions.

Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates – $1,500,000 to expand its Restorative Justice Program into a cohesive pathway for justice-impacted people in Philadelphia neighborhoods with the highest rates of community violence.

Philadelphia Youth Network, Inc. – $2,000,000 to expand educational and employment pathway exploration for 12-24-year-olds through its portfolio of structured learning and skill-building opportunities. PYN is seeking to expand its provider network to create more opportunities for historically marginalized youth in Philadelphia to build stronger, safer communities through promoting summer employment opportunities.

Playworks Education Energized – $572,547 to advance the Community Coach Leadership Program (CCLP), a proactive, medium-to-long-term violence-prevention intervention strategy focused on serving kids most susceptible and impacted by violence. CCLP will engage School District of Philadelphia (SDP) high school students as program participants in leader-mentor positions with SDP elementary schools in violence-impacted neighborhoods.

Power of Paint Art Academy & Management – $86,981 to support a violence prevention and intervention program where trained staff will use art and therapeutic approaches, via outreach and referral services, to improve the quality of life for individuals who are victims and/or perpetrators of violence.

Rock to the Future, Inc. – $330,000 to support free music and mentoring programs in high-crime neighborhoods in North, West, and Northwest Philadelphia for teens that are at risk to be involved in violence, victims of violence, who have experienced trauma, and those from reentry and diversion programs. 

Sharing Excess – $55,880 for the identification, outreach, and engagement of individuals who are most likely to be involved in violence and provide tailored, holistic supports to meet a wide range of education, employment, mental and behavioral health, and other basic needs.

Students Run Philly Style – $1,368,926 to scale current violence interruption and prevention efforts through recreation in and around the neighborhood of West Kensington. The goal is to have programs and activities for all ages, and family events throughout the year.

The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth – $2,500,000 to support the implementation of a hospital- and community-based violence intervention program where trained Violence Intervention Clinicians and Specialists will provide assertive outreach and crisis response to individuals and families exposed to violence in the community, conduct clinical crisis assessments, provide trauma-informed therapy and case management services, and refer individuals and families to social safety net providers in the community for long-term support.

The Urban League of Philadelphia – $950,000 to continue and expand their proven Violence Prevention Programs that support and target at-risk Black and Brown youth and young men and men who are justice-involved.

Unique Dreams, Inc. – $85,000 to fund several programs that offer an array of opportunities within the community. Those programs include a crisis line, skill building in carpentry, plumbing and electrical trades, resume workshops, interview training, empowerment groups, assistance with transportation needs, an afterschool and summer program for youth ages 8-18 focused on guided group discussions and conflict resolution, and youth skill-building workshops on topics such as music, cooking, basketball, boxing, and weightlifting.

University of Pennsylvania (Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety) – $1,517,546 to expand the scope and reach of the Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy Initiative, a program that supports the implementation of Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy for PTSD in community mental health centers in Philadelphia, by creating the Philadelphia Prolonged Exposure to Address Community Violence (PEACE) Project, which will be a coalition of 60 providers who are trained to respond to the mental health needs of individuals who experience community violence.

University of Pennsylvania (Penn Injury Science Center) – $2,332,070 to expand and enhance the School District of Philadelphia’s (SDP) Safe Path to School program. The program will expand to 6-8 schools and have enhanced features such as training (e.g. trauma-informed care, cure violence models of violence prevention), access to referral programs, and regular meetings with local violence intervention programs.

Uplift Center for Grieving Children – $399,994 to provide additional resources for training and data collection for quality grief counseling services to youth in the city of Philadelphia. Components of this project include clinical training and supervision to cultivate staff aptitude and maintain up-to-date and high-quality mental health supports, the expansion of the Resilient Parenting for Bereaved Families (RPBF) program, providing caregivers with regulation skills and parenting tools over 10-week sessions to support their families, and training coordination to expand its capacity to train frontline professionals in racial/trauma-informed professional development offerings.

Uplift Solutions Inc. – $607,840 to grow and enhance their Workforce Solutions program, which serves justice-involved individuals through increased outreach efforts, increased trauma-informed behavioral health services, and increased capacity to serve more participants. Program components include life-skills training, case management, wraparound services, job readiness training, employer technical training, employment placement, and follow-up support 3 years post-graduation.

More information on the grants can be found here.