HARRISBURG, PA – September 1, 2023 – Senator Sharif Street (D-Philadelphia) was proud to see his legislation to move up the date of Pennsylvania’s 2024 primary election by five weeks, approved by the Senate State Government Committee this week.

Currently, Pennsylvania’s primary is scheduled to take place on the fourth Tuesday in April, long after many states have voted for a presidential nominee. 

“Pennsylvania is a critical battleground in determining the leadership and direction of our nation,” said Senator Street. “It is our obligation to enhance the voices of Pennsylvanians in choosing the president. Moving our presidential primary date up by one month gives the voices of Pennsylvanians the weight they deserve. Moreover, the current primary date conflicts with Passover, which disenfranchises those of Jewish faith who, in adherence to their beliefs, are prohibited from driving, writing, and the use of electricity on the holiday.”

Under existing law, Pennsylvania’s 2024 primary election would take place on April 23. Under Senate Bill 224, the 2024 primary election will likely take place on the same day as Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio.

The bill now advances to the full Senate for its consideration.