Street Education Funding

Harrisburg, PA – February 8, 2023– Today, Senator Sharif Street issued the following statement in response to the Commonwealth Court’s historic ruling in William Penn School District, et al. v. Pennsylvania Department of Education, et al., which deemed Pennsylvania’s system of funding public education as unconstitutional:

“All the children of our commonwealth deserve a first chance, an opportunity to achieve any future they can imagine. We help them get there through equal access to an equitably funded education.

This is both a constitutional mandate, and a moral one. The Commonwealth Court’s ruling that Pa’s system of school funding is unconstitutional affirms our belief that for too long state government has failed to meet this standard. Disparities in education funding create a diminishing sense of worth for those who receive the least.

We have a responsibility, and now a court mandate, to ensure every child in Pennsylvania has access to a thorough and efficient system of public education. I look forward to working with the Pennsylvania General Assembly to get it done.”