HARRISBURG – April 21, 2021 – Today Senator Sharif Street announced $354,739 in Multi-Modal Transportation and Act 13 funding grants for the North Philadelphia Community. 

“We’re proud to invest in our community and ensuring our kids can enjoy quality playgrounds and green spaces,” said Street, “continued funding of the Sharswood development on Ridge Avenue, which will now include a new shopping center, ensures the revitalization of the North Philadelphia community which has now received close to $1.5 Million in funding for this project.” 

Projects receiving grants include: 

Applicant Project Name County   Award 
Sharswood 1, LLC Sharswood Shopping Center Philadelphia $179,739
Act 13      
Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia, Inc. Field Rehabilitation at the Ralph J Roberts Boys & Girls Club in Germantown Philadelphia $87,500
City of Philadelphia Ziehler Playground Renovation Philadelphia $87,500

The CFA was created in 2004 to administer economic development programs. Its’ Multimodal Transportation Fund finances projects to improve and develop transportation access. Multimodal Transportation Grants and Act 13 grant funding is distributed by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).