BUCKS COUNTY – October 26, 2022 – State Senator Steve Santarsiero (D-10) and Representative Tina Davis (D-141) announced $1 million in state funds from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) will go to the Croydon Fire Company for the construction of a new Emergency Services Building.

“I’d like to thank Governor Wolf for supporting our request to dedicate RACP funds for the Croydon Fire Co Emergency Services Building project, which will provide the fire company a modern facility from which to serve the community,” said Sen. Santarsiero.  “The upgraded space will streamline fire station operations, ensuring the volunteers of the Croydon Fire Company have the resources they need to respond to community emergencies safely and efficiently.”

“I am proud to work with Senator Santarsiero to bring this critical funding back to our district,” Rep. Davis said. “This $1 million in grant money will help expand and renovate the Croydon Fire Company’s Emergency Services Building. The renovated building’s upgraded operations will enable its firefighters to more quickly get to residents in danger.  This is literally life-saving funding and I thank Governor Wolf for approving its allocation.”

The renovation will be a two phased project. The first phase will entail the demolition of the existing building and site work. Phase two will be the construction of the new building. The new building will contain an engine room, an enhanced decontamination area for equipment, office space, and living quarters.

“Our organization is a completely volunteer fire company that serves a very challenging area, protecting residents, schools, and businesses between an industrial chemical plant, three major highways, and the Delaware River,” said Croydon Fire Company President Bob Struble.  “This funding is crucial to allowing us to make the necessary improvements to our station to meet these challenges. We are grateful to Sen. Santarsiero and Rep. Tina Davis for the incredible efforts.”    

RACP is a Commonwealth grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects. RACP projects have a regional or multi-jurisdictional impact and generate substantial increases or maintain current levels of employment, tax revenues, or other measures of economic activity. RACP projects are state-funded projects that cannot obtain primary funding under other state programs. 

To learn more about RACP projects and grants, visit the Pennsylvania Office of the Budget website