Bethlehem − February 4, 2022 – State Senator Lisa M. Boscola released the following statement today regarding the Legislative Reapportionment Commission’s final approval of the map for Pennsylvania Senate Districts:

“Disgraceful!  These Senate maps are nothing more than a schizophrenically, Harrisburg drawn back-room assault on the Lehigh Valley.  It should really come as no surprise to any of us because for more than 3 decades Lehigh Valley communities, especially Northampton County voters, have been disrespected as the political playground for faceless powerbrokers from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg.  

Sadly, it no longer surprises me when the 18th district is butchered during redistricting.  I believe it is nothing more than political retribution for my independent voice and my outspoken support for a fair redistricting process that would eliminate back room deals and give the power to the people, not the politicians.  Or perhaps it is because Northampton County is a swing county that boasts a lot of register Independents that it is routinely disrespected.   I suspect it is a combination of both.  And shockingly, in these final maps the leaders in Harrisburg moved the 14th district, home to the only registered Independent, as further proof that they use the power of the pen to eliminate independent voices.

At the outset this process was celebrated by many as open and transparent; but let’s be honest, it was nothing more than a sham. A complete unethical disregard of the Pennsylvania Constitution!  The LRC ignored the proposed maps from independent groups like Fair Districts and the compelling testimony from residents of the Lehigh Valley.  Openly encouraging input only to have it fall on deaf ears.  

How can we stop politicos from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh who clearly have zero regard for our region and its constituents from gerrymandering the Lehigh Valley?When will enough be enough?”