Senator Lindsey Williams

Pittsburgh, Pa.June 12, 2024 − Last week, Senator Lindsey M. Williams offered testimony in opposition to a proposed rate increase by Duquesne Light Company during a public input hearing with the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC). This proposed rate increase will affect Duquesne Light’s approximately 605,000 customers in Allegheny and Beaver Counties. 

“One of the most significant problems facing people in our region is skyrocketing utility costs,” said Senator Williams. “This proposed rate hike does not include any additional funds or other considerations to universal service programs like CAP or the Dollar Energy Fund, which means that this increase will hit those who can least afford it the hardest.”

In addition to a proposed rate increase, Duquesne Light also proposed cost benefits to Electric Vehicle users for charging during off-peak hours and other incentives. 

“While I am extremely grateful to DLC for being willing to address the need for EV drivers to charge responsibly and in a way that reduces strain on our electrical grid, without a meaningful way of addressing equity and affordability, this plan will shift the burden of the rate increase on those least able to afford their basic utilities,” said Senator Williams. “I cannot support this rate increase and I encourage the PUC not to approve the proposal.”

More information about the Duquesne Light rate case and the PUC hearings can be found here. You can read Senator Williams’ full remarks here.