Senator Lindsey Williams

Harrisburg, PA − October 18, 2021− Senator Lindsey M. Williams released the following statement today, following the passage of HB 1332 out of the Senate Education Committee by a vote of 7-4 along party lines:

“HB1332 is an unfunded mandate aimed squarely at fueling the larger culture war that pits the public against teachers and politicizes education, masquerading as transparency legislation. This legislation is being framed as a “transparency bill,” but that’s not what it is.

Parents and guardians already have access to the information that is covered in HB 1332 through Chapter 4 of the School Code. Any parent or guardian who is concerned with the curriculum being used in their child’s classroom is already able to access and review those materials today, using existing policies developed by their local school boards. This new legislation would do nothing other than remove local control from our school boards, create an overly burdensome system on teachers and administrators, and create a significant expenses for our school districts, all while undermining the teaching of accurate history and cultural and racial competence to our students.

HB 1332 is nothing more than a solution in search of a problem, another effort to stir up controversy. It’s time that we get back to ensuring that our teachers and school districts have the resources that they need to do the critical work of educating and supporting our students.”

Senator Williams’ full remarks on HB 1332 during today’s Education Committee can be found at